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Freedom Ultimate Now (FUN!) is an Ultimate pickup game played in Eldersburg, MD.  A group of friends began playing in Eldersburg in the summer of 2006 and in October of that year became affiliated with the Freedom Area Recreation Council and the Carroll Country Recreation and Parks. Since then pick-up has been played weekly from April until November.

So What Exactly Is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a non-contact sport that is played with a flying disc. It combines the non-stop movement and athletic endurance of soccer with the aerial passing skills of football into a fact-paced high-action game. Ultimate is played world-wide. USA Ultimate is the National Governing Body for the sport of Ultimate in the US. A large amount of info on the sport is available at USA Ultimate's website.

And if you know nothing about the sport, checkout USA Ultimate's "About Ultimate" PDF for a brief description including “Ultimate in 10 Simple Rules” which introduces our guiding principle – “Spirit of the Game”.

Recent News

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We have two ways we communicate with players. First, send an email to info@freedomultimate.org to join our mailing list. Second, you can now follow our Blog for the latest updates!.

Recent Press

Freedom Ultimate Now! has been featured in both the Carroll County Times, and the Eldersburg Patch!

General Pickup Info

The group welcomes all who are willing to run and have fun!  Experienced or brand-new to the sport.  Male or female.  Young or old...ages typically high school to 50+.

Water is essential. Bring both a white and dark shirt to make team selections easier. Please do not bring grey! Cleats come in awfully handy but tennis shoes do the trick. Field markers and discs are provided.

A quick word on discs; Ultimate is not normally played with a Wham-O “Frisbee” anymore. In 1991, Discraft was selected as the “official” game disc with their 175-Gram 'Ultra-Star' (we usually have some around for sale).

So come on out and throw whatever you've got. Frisbee, Ultra-star, anything. We are certain that Fred Morrison will be smiling down on you from heaven.

Hodges Park - Location

Hodges Park in Eldersburg, MD. Hodges is located near Liberty High School at ~5630 Hodges Road, Eldersburg, MD.

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Contact info

Email contact – info@freedomultimate.org

Current Game Times

Wednesday @ Hodges
Co-ed High School to 50+
Starts mid-May 2018
6pm - Sundown

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